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Can-Grow Used in Farm

Can-Grow applied on strawberries farm.

Can-Grow applied on rice field.

Organic Strawberries

Directions for use of Chito-Stick:
Pot Diameter (cm) No. of Sticks
10 2
15 3
20 4
25 5
30 6

How to Apply Our Fertilizers

Asia Organic Farm Produces

China Organic Farm Produces

Healthy Turf for Playing Field and Park in Canada

Canadian Organic Farm

A "Supertunia" flower
grown with Can-Grow
fertilizers in a hanging basket

Chinese pear blossoms

Chito-Stick Chito-Stick is an alternative form of Can-Grow. It is easy to use Chito-Stick. It usually takes two sticks per plant every two months. Simply insert the fertilizer stick into the soil completely and keeps the soil moist.

Left picture: Organic Fertilized Queen of Night

Applying Chito-Stick in Potted Plant

Various House Plant