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Chito-Stick uses in house-plant.

Company Information

Canadian Real-Organic Products Inc (CROP) is a Canadian company base in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Its goal is to utilize advanced environmentally friendly technologies:

(1) To produce certified organic farm produces and
(2) Provide solutions in treating and controlling insects and pests through biotechnological methods.

CROP manufactured environmentally friendly, all natural, safe and toxin free organic fertilizer through its affiliated companies:

Can Grow and Chito-Stick
These organic fertilizers are listed in the OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) in USA; International Federation Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) in Europe; Certified Organic Associations in BC (COABC), Canada; Organic Food Development Center (OFDC) in China; and Japan Agriculture Standard (JAS) in Japan.

Young broccoli plant, fertilized with Can-Grow certified organic fertilizers in ordinary garden soil, Vancouver, B.C.

Broccoli heads after harvest, grown in ordinary garden soil, Vancouver, B.C.

Pole Beans, grown in ordinary garden soil Can-Grow fertilizers, Vancouver, B.C.