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Chito-Stick uses in house-plant.

Functions of Our Organic Fertilizers

Our organic fertilizers have demonstrated a number of benefits for the production of wide ranges of horticultural crops, turf application and plants and have dual functions:

  1. Provides sufficient nutrients to satisfy farm produces and plant demand.
    Both of our fertilizers - Can-Grow and Chito-Stick release nutrients by a natural microbial action. This ensures a gradual and constant release of major nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Trace of metal ions also found in the fertilizers. These metal ions such as calcium, manganese, iron, sulphur and magnesium facilitates the metabolic functions of plants, and contribute to strong and healthy plants.

  2. Acts as a natural pesticide.
  • Eliminate nematodes in soil. The chitin ingredient stimulates soil bacteria to produce chitinases, a natural enzyme. These enzymes will digest the outer shell of the nematodes eggs and hence reduce the number of nematodes in the soil.
  • Eliminate some harmful fungi in soil. The chitin ingredient stimulates plants to produce chitinases, which can prevent fungal infection; especially from fungal species such as Fusarium, Colletrichum and Norcadia.