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Chito-Stick uses in house-plant.

Our Organic Fertilizers

Can-Grow Can-Grow is an organic fertilizer, which is specially developed for use on organic farming, many varieties of vegetables, fruits and grains, flowering plants and lawn turf to promote growth and resistance to common turf diseases. Can-Grow's effective ingredient is processed chitin, naturally derived from crab and shrimp shells. Chitin is composed of organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium as well as calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron and manganese, all of which are essential to plant growth. Chitin is totally biodegradable and its calcium content can neutralize acidic soil. Can-Grow can increase certain nutritional vales, such as solid matter, protein, sugar level, vitamin C and minerals in many agricultural crops. When it is added to the soil, it also serves as a nematocide and therefore reduces and/or eliminates the use of toxic farm chemicals. Can-Grow will not pollute the environment as it is only made available to the plant when it is degraded by soil bacteria, a function that is rare in many other fertilizers on the market.

Can-Grow is an organic product, listed in the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) in the USA.

Chito-Stick Chito-Stick is an alternative form of Can-Grow. It is a stick form fertilizer for easy application. Chito-Stick is also listed in the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI).

Our New Product:
TYPE A Can-Grow

TYPE A Can-Grow is designed to deal with harmful pests and insects, such as red fire ants, termite, fruit flies (maggot stage), and the Japanese beetles (grub stage), lice, red spider mites and aphids, etc.

All our organic fertilizers including TYPE A Can-Grow are environmental friendly and toxic-free products. TYPE A Can-Grow has two main components: Chitin and "CDE" components:

  • The Chitin component will destroy the soil pests and insects through an enzymatic action.
  • The "CDE" component can kill insects and pests.

Both of these component have been scientifically proven to be excellent insecticides, and will not be harmful to plants, humans and animals.